2018 Family Yearbook Update
Yearly Photobook

2018 Family Yearbook Update

I’ve been very slowly, but diligently, working on our family yearbook, but I’m still nowhere near done. Other things have been taking up my time lately, like taking Dorian to the parks now that it’s warmer out, helping Daddy get his book published, and starting up my new reselling venture. Even though it’s taking me some time I am making progress. So I wanted to stop in and show you guys a few of the pages that I do have complete or almost complete.

Monthly Growth

12 Months of Dorian

I am starting this year’s book the same as I did in our 2017 yearbook, which is with a full 12 month layout of his monthly growth photos. The idea of starting the book out with a full preview is something I really enjoy.


This is the layout I have picked for the monthly section. Each month is 4 pages with the name of the month at the top of the first set of pages and a full college layout on the next set. I am not completely sure about the photos in the small triangles as you see in January but not July. I will probably end up changing that part, but I haven’t found any better solution yet.


So far I only have the Easter layout complete. I ended up doing Easter into 2 parts. The first part labeled Happy Easter is him doing his “egg hunt” which really just consisted of him opening food filled plastic eggs lined up in a row. The second part labeled Easter Fun was all of the Easter themed activities, Easter breakfast, and his Easter basket dump truck.

Special Pages

I have a few more special pages picked out, but these are the pages that are actually complete. The first pages are when Daddy and Dorian got matching shoes. It was such a cute thing that I had to do a spread just for that event. The second spread is exactly what the title says Dorian at 20 months old. From the beginning of the year, I had planned to do an 18 month (1 1/2 year) photoshoot for him, but life happened and it didn’t end up taking place until he was 20 months old. These photos are some of my favorites because I can see so much of his personality in them.

So that is about where my book sits so far, I would say over half way through. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. I’ve been using Mixbook for a few years now and will try to help out the best I can. If you are interested in making your own family yearbook check out my organizing tips, take a look at my first family yearbook, and have a promo code below to save you some money on your first book.

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