2018 Profit Meeko Prints
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2018 Profit Meeko Prints

Every few years I get into a seller mode. I get completely motivated to buy, sell, and make. Well, the last two years this has not been the case. Since Dorian has been born I’ve spent almost all of my time with him. In 2017, Dorian’s first year, I didn’t make practically any sales and had zero care for anything pertaining to business. This past year, 2018, I would say I dabbled back and forth, into and out of, my little business world. To put it short, it wasn’t my priority, but I spent some hours working on things. Through the year I hadn’t kept up with listings, makings, and definitely not record keeping. So tonight I decided to put together my profit/loss sheet for 2018 and see just how half-caring turned out for me.

2018 Profit Meeko Prints

You can see the months where I had no thoughts of selling anything and the months where I felt a little more motivated. Honestly, I was expecting way less than what I actually had. It really didn’t feel like I had that many sales. I was super shocked though by looking at the breakdown and seeing how much I’m paying in fees and product. Unfortunately, these are both categories that I can not shrink any further. Fees are what they are, you can’t fight them. As for product, I’m buying from the cheapest supplier I can find, without going over seas. I could outsource from other countries and be paying half the costs, but it is something I thought hard about and firmly believe that it would not be right for my company.

Starting now, in 2019, I am in a seller mode again. I’ve started buying a few small things and already cleared out one closet of old stuff. Lack of time, or pregnancy tiredness, has taken its toll already, but I haven’t lost drive. There hasn’t been anything listed anywhere as of yet, but I do have everything sorted ready to go. My plan is to cycle some funds from sales back into buying product and the rest is to be put into a savings for “just in case”. As for products, I’m not planning to buy anything specific, just whatever I find great deals on.

As far as my online store though, I have started a sale on all items. Everything on my Etsy site and the store on this site is now 20% off! Plus, there is free shipping on everything also. Browse around and let me know if you have any questions or comments.

How did your sales go for 2018? Better or worse than you expected?

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