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5 Things I Never Thought I Would Do As A Parent

Being a parent is much harder than I could have ever imagined. It is definitely one of the things in life that you have to experience to actually understand. Before I became a mom, I had this glorious idea in my head about what it would be like to be someones mother. I thought I would miraculously change overnight and become this new person who had all of her ducks in a line and be the most amazing ‘Pinterest Mom’ in America. A big fat ‘YEAH RIGHT’ to that. It didn’t happen and I am still the weird, disorganized, go with the flow, fun-loving person that I have always been, and I am completely content with that.

While pouring Dorian some snacks into a bowl yesterday for what was considered his lunch, I was laughing to myself about what my parenting style actually looks like versus what I imagined it would be. I started compiling a list in my head and here it is.

5 Things I never thought I would do as a parent:

  1. Let him watch TV

    Not sure why I’m surprised by this one since me and Daddy are both big fans of the television. It’s where we have spent countless hours in our relationship cuddling, chatting, and just enjoying time together. Now, we still do the same, but its even better with a little one in the cuddle mix.

  2. Buy him character themed things from his favorite TV shows and movies

    This is one that I was so set on not doing. Mostly that was because these toys are generally much more expensive than the others, but it’s so much fun and extremely adorable when we start a movie and he goes on the hunt to get the matching toy. Just today, I hit start on Stickman and he hopped off the couch and ran immediately to his room frantically looking for his stuffed Stickman. My heart melted as he sat excitedly holding one of his favorite characters while getting to see him in action on screen as well.

  3. Give him McDonald’s for any meal

    This is one that I swore I would absolutely, for sure, without a doubt, never do with my kid. Before he was born we hadn’t eaten McDonald’s in over 4 years, seriously. I just couldn’t understand why parents seemed to flock there like migrating birds once they had kids. I totally get it now and if you are a parent you do too.

  4. Let him play in the dirt

    My love for nature goes on and on, but I don’t like to be dirty or have even a speck of dirt on me. Once I started to introduce Dorian to nature you could see his love for it immediately. His curiosity for everything is just amazing and there is no way I could stand in his way of exploring. So when he got to the age for playing in the dirt there was no question about it. When he is out I want him to play, learn, explore, have fun, and become covered in dirt from head to toe if that’s what it calls for.

  5. Give myself so much slack

    While I was pregnant and a lot of his life up until very recently, I had been so preoccupied with trying to be the best in ever department of motherhood. I was over thinking every move that I made involving him and was way too concerned with what others thought of me as a mom. That is until I had a huge epiphany not that long ago. There is no winner in mothering, no-one gets it all correct, and I do not know any individual female who hasn’t fucked up in her own motherhood journey. So now I do give myself some slack. If I feel like I could be doing something better in terms of my son, then I wake up the next morning and I try my very best. And if anyone other than my husband has an opinion about my mothering, I advise them to focus more on their own life.

Making this list was entertaining and it gave me a minute to reflect on the kind of parent that I am in these days that seem to all flow together as one. Make your own list, laugh, and let a few things go that are truly not as important as you thought they once were.


  • Virginia Holley

    Jessica, you are an amazing mom, I’ve seen this 1st hand. I am so beyond proud of you, and honestly was at first surprised, at the mother you are. Your love for him is and has always been so apparent. You will make mistakes, as you said, we have all made them. But know you will not make the same mistakes, us, as your examples made! Of that, I have not a doubt! I love you and I am so happy I happened upon this tonight. Love, Aunt Virginia

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