8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts
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8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts

8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts

In my post about Dorian’s birthday I talked about how I plan gifts for him for both his birthday and Christmas since the two are so close. Well, things didn’t go as planned this year and all of the gifts were given to him for his birthday. Nothing was saved for Christmas. Eager and impatient Daddy is to blame. I can’t fully blame him though, Dorian’s little face just lit up each time he received a gift. It was such a beautiful thing to see. But now we are faced with a different problem. Dorian has way too many toys and really doesn’t need any other types of toys. He has blocks, cars, kitchen stuff, learning toys, figurines of all sorts, characters, ride ons, climbing toys and the list goes on and on and on. After cleaning up his room last week Daddy finally agreed with what I’ve been saying, “he has enough/too many toys”. So we talked, thought, and brainstormed some different types of gifts we could get him for Christmas that wouldn’t be toys. If you are in the same boat as us or don’t want to get to this point then I have some gift ideas for you that are not toys that your child will still like.

Plates, Bowls, Cups, and Cutlery Set

This could be character themed for younger kids or just a certain decoration, anchors or polka dots, for the older ones. Yes this may seem like a boring gift, but if you put some thought into it and are able find something they would like it could be a great gift. There are even some shops on Etsy that will personalize and have a name put on these items.

New Towels and Washcloths

Again the same design ideas can apply to these. Most kids like having their own things, especially if they have siblings. This would be a great opportunity to get each kid their own. Right now, Dorian is pretty obsessed with Mickey, so I’m keeping my eyes peeled for a soft Mickey towel set.

Bed Sheets, Special Blanket, or Comfy Lounge Pillow

So far putting my kid to bed, since the day he was born, has been absolute hell. Nothing makes this kid want to sleep, so my next trick is to get him blankets, sheets, and pillows with dogs all over them. Hopefully his love for furry pups will make him want to cuddle up and sleep in his own bed finally. If your kid is too old for cute doggy sheets then try a giant snuggly pillow they can lay around on. Or maybe a super soft blanket with their own face on it would do the trick.

Magazine Subscription

I am still very much stuck in the old days in some ways and being able to enjoy a good old-fashioned physical magazine is one of them. There is a special kind of magic that happens when you wait patiently each month for your favorite magazine to arrive. When I was a small kid I absolutely loved Highlights. After looking over their site I found that they actually make series for different age groups. I am so excited that I found this for Dorian and he will be receiving the High Five magazines for the next 12 months. How cool is that? There are so many other options our there for any age range or interest.

Hat or Earrings

Dorian has an awesome Mets hat and also a team jersey to go with it this Christmas. For a girl, a pair of earrings that can be worn year round would be a nice gift. These are both things that can be used throughout the year and could be fun as well. Again think about their favorite characters, colors, or designs. Are they a huge fan of McD’s? You can find their hats a dime a dozen on eBay. Are they very artistic? Give them a blank hat and some fabric markers.

Instrument Lessons

This is a gift that will stretch and be appreciated for longer than just at Christmas. Being that Daddy is a music teacher he sees this gift given quite often. Most kids have an interest in at least one instrument. Buy them a few months and see how it goes, maybe they don’t like it as much as originally thought and want to try another. Plus this is a bonus since it’s fun for the kid and educational.

Books of Interest

This is one gift that most people go to first, but I think the problem is parents just buy whatever books are on some ‘popular books’ list. Don’t just go buy whatever books you see first or the main books on the front shelves. The key to getting kids, or anyone for that matter, to read is to give them something that interests them. If this is obvious to you then great, but for everyone else who just expects their kids to read just because, I ask you to take a minute and think about what your kid is in to or even ask them what truly sparks interest for them. You might be surprised by the answer. My mom wanted me to be an avid reader like her when I was younger, but I never found any books to be exciting, so I never finish anything. That was until I found out about Anne Rice’s book series. It was then that I had found an interest and stuck to reading. As for Dorian, he is very interested in animals, of all sorts, so a lot of his books contain many different animals. He’s been really into his books since he was about 10 months old. He would just open the pages and stare for much longer than he would at anything else. Even now, he will go to play in his room and when things get too quite I peek in and find him with several books pulled off the shelf and him completely enthralled in the pages.

A Free ‘Yes’ Day

This one would be really fun for most kids. The idea is that the kid gets to choose a day where they hear a ‘yes’ to whatever they want (within reason of course). Want to eat chocolate pudding for breakfast? Yes. Want to spend way too many hours at the park? Yes. Want to wear mismatched clothes and silly hair? Yes. Want to stay up past bedtime? Yes. The thing here is to learn about your kid, what kind of things do they yearn to do? Let them explore past the normal boundaries. Heck they may just learn that eating weird stuff for breakfast makes your stomach sick, being at the park too long actually gets boring after a while, people look at you funny when you dress different, and nothing special happens past your bedtime. Just make sure the kid knows before time that some things are not within reason, like obviously you can’t just go to Disney Land and that it is illegal for them to drive the car, even on a yes day. I’ve created a little gift certificate for you to print out here.

What kind of non-toy gifts have you given your kids that worked out? Which ones were thrown back in your face? Comment below I would love to hear your suggestions.

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