When I first became a mom I was so lost. Everything was so new to me and I was unsure of what I should be doing with this new tiny human. So I set out to my favorite place to find the answers… the Internet. If a parenting article crossed my screen I read it. I spent every free minute of my son’s first year reading parenting advise from strangers. I read in the car, on the toilet, while feeding him, and during the 20 minutes of peace I got while he napped. What I have read may or may not be true or exaggerated, but I simply pulled what I needed or felt was important from many mommy posts and carried on. Hopefully you will do the same while visiting because I’m usually not serious and my offhand jokes don’t always go over so well.

Meeko Prints is an assortment of stories, craft tutorials, and miscellaneous life adventures bundled with a unique online store. You will find randomness like how I can’t even melt crayons correctly to detailed instructions on making the best macaroni sandwich you’ve probably never had. If you’re in the mood to spend some money, I just added a really funny pickle shirt. And if your kid won’t leave you alone for 5 minutes so you can use the damn bathroom in peace, I have a solution for that too.

Who Are We?

We are a pizza loving, cookie devouring, TV watching, sleep deprived family that loves music, laughing, and making jokes about life.

Daddy is self described as Dorian’s Daddy, Jessi’s Husband, Apollo’s Master, and Destroyer of Pizza.

Dorian is a true nature kid, loving everything outdoors. He is very decisive, a bit of a wild child, and prefers his pizza cold.

Mommy is extremely goofy, has a massive sweet tooth, and loves trying new adventures by jumping in feet first.