Baby #2 Announcement
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Baby #2 Announcement

While at my doctors appointment this past week I realized that I am just over halfway through this pregnancy. I guess some second child factors have already kicked in. I’m definitely not keeping up with each weekly growth stage as I did the first time I was pregnant, but I’m sure that happens to a lot of moms. It is so hard to believe that we will be meeting our new baby in just four months.

Since I haven’t been making any announcements or posts about it, I thought I would take this time and make one big post about what all has been happening with little #2. 

Baby Bump

We’ve been doing some belly growth photos. Little #2 has been measuring a week ahead at each ultrasound. 

Gender Reveal

And onto the big news, we don’t have to keep calling the baby little #2 anymore because we did a gender reveal and it’s a….. BOY! The plan to do the gender reveal with cannolis was my mother-in-law’s idea and we absolutely loved it. We called the local bagel shop and they were so happy to help us with this. 

His First Outfit

One of the best things about having the same sex kids close together in age is that you don’t have to go out and buy a bunch of new stuff. We still have all the basics like crib, bouncer, tub, pack-n-play, rolling pod (that’s what we called it, one of the best things I had for a newborn), and clothes. So far I hadn’t bought anything new for him and I thought it was about time we change that since again we are halfway though. While out shopping I found the cutest little newborn suit. He may not actually wear it out home since we live in south Florida and he’s going to be born at the end of June, but we can at least take some adorable pictures of him in it while at the hospital. 

Newborn Suit

His Name

Also I almost forget the biggest of news. We have decided to name him Lydian! We are still contemplating on his middle name though. I’ll keep you guys posted. Sign up for our updates below to stay in the loop and thanks for being a part of our big news.

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