• Daddy's Work

    While Daddy Works

    Today was another amazing family adventure. Dorian and I went to Daddy’s show and played all around the plaza. The three of us being together is the most important thing to our family, so for us just being able to be there with Daddy while he is working means the world. Plus, I was able to get these amazing photos of them both as well.  

  • Daddy's Work,  Monthly Growth

    14 Months

    The month of January came with a lot of heartache and trying times for our family, but we stayed strong. Even though he has always loved baths, this month has been full of long bath times. We have a few toys that we rotate through and he is loving the new sets. We went to see Daddy play with Backlash at Raggedass Saloon. This was his first time seeing Daddy play with his new band. He watched very well for the first bit but then was ready to check out the place. Dorian and I took a trip to Georgia for Mawmaw’s funeral. He was practically jumping out of my arms…