• Baby #2 Announcement
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    Baby #2 Announcement

    While at my doctors appointment this past week I realized that I am just over halfway through this pregnancy. I guess some second child factors have already kicked in. I’m definitely not keeping up with each weekly growth stage as I did the first time I was pregnant, but I’m sure that happens to a lot of moms. It is so hard to believe that we will be meeting our new baby in just four months. Since I haven’t been making any announcements or posts about it, I thought I would take this time and make one big post about what all has been happening with little #2.  Baby Bump…

  • Creating a Family Yearbook to Include Baby’s First Year
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    Creating a Family Yearbook to Include Baby’s First Year

    While I am working on our family yearbook for 2018 I wanted to share what our 2017 family yearbook looked like. This book could also be considered my son’s baby book. It was the first family photo book that I created and while it did consist of all our family memories throughout the year, it mostly revolved around Dorian and his first year of life. The 2017 book took me a while to make just as this year is taking, but it is so worth the time and effort that I put into it. I started by following these basic photo organizing steps. Disclosure: Meeko Prints will earn a commission,…

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    2019 Goals

    2019 Goals OMG 2018 was by far the hardest year for our family. We made it though some of life’s toughest trials and had a hard look at what life is really all about. As most people will say after experiencing hard times, we’ve learned and grown and will have stronger shoulders going forward. We see a lot of new changes and better days in the future though. This is a few things I am looking forward to in the coming year. This is not meant to be a new years resolution post, rather just some things I would like to see happen through the next 12 months. Family Photo…

  • What We’re Looking Forward to in November
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    What We’re Looking Forward to in November

    The season is changing and we have a lot coming up in our house. November is a huge month for us. Both our wedding and years together anniversary happen this month, Dorian’s birthday takes place mid-month, and we will finally start to see cooler temperatures. We live deep south in Florida and it’s hot almost all year round, so I say cooler not yet cold. We had a great October and Halloween turned out to be very fun, so I’m excited to get started with November. Here’s what we are looking forward to the most. Thanksgiving Crafts As you know, I love doing activities and Dorian loves them even more…

  • 2012
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    Our 13th Anniversary

    Recently I read this interesting post. As I read it got me thinking… what did I want when I was 11? It didn’t take me long, just seconds, to know the answer. I wanted someone who I could give every part of myself to, who would except me for exactly who I am, who would be by my side through all of life’s good and bad. I wanted a best friend, a lover, and a partner in crime. And I wanted to be all of those things back to that person. I wanted someone who would push me to do things and someone who I could convince to do crazy…

  • Birthday Planning
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    Birthday Planning

    Dorian’s 2nd birthday is coming up in just 20 days and I’ve been casually planning since July. Planning for his birthday is pretty simple though. Living so far away from our home town, there are no friends or family close enough to visit so we do his birthday a little different. Most kid’s birthday parties revolve around the other kids and guests. Having to make sure there’s plenty of food and that each guest’s dietary needs are met, activities or gift bags for the other kids are in order, and figuring out seats/other accommodations for everyone, these are not things we have to worry about. Since his birthday guest list…

  • Setting Goals: Follow Up
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    Setting Goals: Follow Up

    It’s been two weeks since setting the three goals that I wanted to work on for different parts on my life. Over all I think it has been good even if I haven’t had the best outcome for all of them. I feel like I was at least conscious of these things which helped me grow and helped shed light on these subjects. The first thing I’ve realized from this is that making more broad goals of things to work on instead of exact things to get done works much better for me. Several times over this last two weeks I found myself just thinking more in-depth about these topics…

  • Setting Goals
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    Setting Goals

    Setting Goals It’s always seemed like some people were born to set goals then accomplish then. I commend those people. Having and completing goals of any kind, big or small, is something I have always admired in people, but never quite been able to follow suit. At any point of my life that I have set goals for myself, which was usually as part of some school assignment, I never stuck to it. Each time I wrote things down that I wanted to accomplish, I suddenly felt constrained and weighed down by the pressure of having to do this or that. I’m generally a ‘fly by the seat of my…

  • 3 Things to Do When You Lose Your Shit on Your Spouse but Then Realize You Were Actually Wrong
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    3 Things to Do When You Lose Your Shit on Your Spouse but Then Realize You Were Actually Wrong

    This morning there was a tiny little blow out at our house. I’ll skip the ridiculous details and stick to the larger story here. I’m tired, Daddy’s tired, and the kid is wired. Neither of us actually want to get out of bed, but one of us has to and we both think that it’s our turn to sleep in. If you have a toddler in your home this probably sounds familiar. Anyway however it may happen, we all end up fighting with our spouse at one point or another. A lot of times you’re right, sometimes they’re right, but most of the time you both just forget about it…

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    5 Things I Never Thought I Would Do As A Parent

    Being a parent is much harder than I could have ever imagined. It is definitely one of the things in life that you have to experience to actually understand. Before I became a mom, I had this glorious idea in my head about what it would be like to be someones mother. I thought I would miraculously change overnight and become this new person who had all of her ducks in a line and be the most amazing ‘Pinterest Mom’ in America. A big fat ‘YEAH RIGHT’ to that. It didn’t happen and I am still the weird, disorganized, go with the flow, fun-loving person that I have always been,…