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    Wooden Easter Egg Painting

    These painted wooden eggs are so easy for kids of any age to make and are a great way to have some handmade decor for the house! Create festive eggs using wooden craft eggs and any paint of your choosing, perfect craft for Easter! Supplies Aren’t these just so cute? And we had such a fun time together making them.  I used 2 sheets of XL Mix Media Paper as a table cover/paint mat and once he was done I had some cute unique art for the wall as well.

  • Valentine's Day Gifts for Toddlers
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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Toddlers

    Like most gifts that I get for my son they slowly get accumulated over time and put together for the holiday. Paw Patrol Finger Puppets Crayola Crayons 120 ct. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Electronic Me Reader Story Reader and 8-book Boxed Set Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Book PJ Masks Color & Sticker Gift Set Crayola Train…

  • Happy 2nd Birthday
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    Happy 2nd Birthday Dorian

    To my little love Dorian, They say play is the work of kids, for you, working is definitely your way of playing. You love helping with anything me or Daddy are doing. You’ve been helping me with dishes since you were almost 12 months old and you’ve been doing laundry with me since you were just 1 month old. Each time Daddy brings his pedal board out for rearranging, you are right there ready to help. If anything needs moving around, you are the one to call. In the yard, you love to help drag the larger than you palm fronds to the road, and in the house, you always…

  • Toddler Christmas Tree Craft
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    Toddler Christmas Tree Craft

    Creating Christmas decorations with my son has become one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. We’ve colored, painted, stickered, stamped, and glued almost every kind of craft material possible this year. I have tried to come up with as many hands on activities as possible for him over the last two months. His attention span is growing and when he finds an activity he likes he becomes completely consumed by it. While other times, some activities are just not his thing or he has grown board with the routine of that particular challenge. This activity was one that he didn’t find too much interest in, maybe he was…

  • 8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts
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    8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts

    8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts In my post about Dorian’s birthday I talked about how I plan gifts for him for both his birthday and Christmas since the two are so close. Well, things didn’t go as planned this year and all of the gifts were given to him for his birthday. Nothing was saved for Christmas. Eager and impatient Daddy is to blame. I can’t fully blame him though, Dorian’s little face just lit up each time he received a gift. It was such a beautiful thing to see. But now we are faced with a different problem. Dorian has way too many toys and really doesn’t need any other…

  • Our Christmas Advent
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    Our Christmas Advent

    Our Christmas advent is something I started last year when Dorian had just turned 1 and we are continuing it this year. I see this being a great family tradition for many years to come. The idea doesn’t require a lot of preparation and it’s easy to keep up with even when things get busier towards the end of the month. One of the great things about this advent it that is can be done by any age, seriously from 1 to 100. Also my other favorite part about this is that it doesn’t cost a lot. My total was only $3 for the entire thing, being that I already…

  • Snowman Door
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    How To Make A Snowman Door

    Grab your scissors, construction paper, pen, and double sided tape we are going to make a snowman! This snowman door project only took me about 30 minutes total and that includes the time it took me to find all of the necessary tools. It was completed while Dorian was napping and I still had time left over to relax before he woke up. This project was fun and extremely easy to make. To make sure the circles and lines were even I traced different objects from around the kitchen. I used a coffee can for the eyes, a small cups for the mouth pieces, and an envelope for the straight…

  • Simple Santa Craft
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    Simple Santa Craft

    It’s becoming very Christmasy around our house, despite the fact that it’s 83 degrees outside. I’ve been crafting, Dorian has been creating, and Daddy has been relaxing enjoying the view. I have a cute, quick, and cheap Christmas craft to help brighten up your holiday decor. Supplies: Cardboard (I used diaper boxes because I have too many of them just stacked up waiting to be crafted with.) Acrylic Paint (Red, Black, and Yellow) Scissors Glue Vinyl (optional, you could paint this part or just leave it blank as well) The great thing about this craft is that you can make it any size you need. This project is so simple…

  • What We’re Looking Forward to in November
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    What We’re Looking Forward to in November

    The season is changing and we have a lot coming up in our house. November is a huge month for us. Both our wedding and years together anniversary happen this month, Dorian’s birthday takes place mid-month, and we will finally start to see cooler temperatures. We live deep south in Florida and it’s hot almost all year round, so I say cooler not yet cold. We had a great October and Halloween turned out to be very fun, so I’m excited to get started with November. Here’s what we are looking forward to the most. Thanksgiving Crafts As you know, I love doing activities and Dorian loves them even more…

  • 2012
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    Our 13th Anniversary

    Recently I read this interesting post. As I read it got me thinking… what did I want when I was 11? It didn’t take me long, just seconds, to know the answer. I wanted someone who I could give every part of myself to, who would except me for exactly who I am, who would be by my side through all of life’s good and bad. I wanted a best friend, a lover, and a partner in crime. And I wanted to be all of those things back to that person. I wanted someone who would push me to do things and someone who I could convince to do crazy…