• Happy 2nd Birthday
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    Happy 2nd Birthday Dorian

    To my little love Dorian, They say play is the work of kids, for you, working is definitely your way of playing. You love helping with anything me or Daddy are doing. You’ve been helping me with dishes since you were almost 12 months old and you’ve been doing laundry with me since you were just 1 month old. Each time Daddy brings his pedal board out for rearranging, you are right there ready to help. If anything needs moving around, you are the one to call. In the yard, you love to help drag the larger than you palm fronds to the road, and in the house, you always…

  • Birthday Gifts for My 2 Year Old
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    Birthday Gifts for My 2 Year Old

    I mentioned in Dorian’s birthday planning post the strategy I use for having a less stressful time when dealing with buying birthday gifts. As I find and buy his gifts over several months there are a few things I keep in mind. First, I think about weather or not it is something he is currently into and if he will still be into it the following year. For instance, I had found some cool touch and feel books on sale, but when looking at the bigger picture, he will probably be grown out of those types of books come the next year. Then I try to think about the kinds…

  • Birthday Planning
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    Birthday Planning

    Dorian’s 2nd birthday is coming up in just 20 days and I’ve been casually planning since July. Planning for his birthday is pretty simple though. Living so far away from our home town, there are no friends or family close enough to visit so we do his birthday a little different. Most kid’s birthday parties revolve around the other kids and guests. Having to make sure there’s plenty of food and that each guest’s dietary needs are met, activities or gift bags for the other kids are in order, and figuring out seats/other accommodations for everyone, these are not things we have to worry about. Since his birthday guest list…