• My First 3D Cut File
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    My First 3D Cut File

    When I first found out about the Silhouette Cameo I was completely amazed. I had to have one. It was five months until my son was to be born and my mind flooded with all the neat things I could make for him. When the machine arrived I played, tinkered, cried, and yelled at it. Of course I needed time to learn all about this new machine, but I’m very impatient. I had a lot of fun my first few cuts, but when I hit my first mistakes I got very frustrated and gave myself some time off. When I came back to it I was very pregnant and didn’t…

  • Halloween Gifts
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    Halloween Gifts (for My Toddler)

    Dorian has gotten pre-holiday gifts for just about each holiday on the calendar. I typically buy one big gift and fill it with smaller gifts. Think of it as similar to an Easter basket except filled with things relevant to that holiday. The other way I do this is similar to a Christmas advent. I give him small gifts each day leading up to the main day of the holiday then I give him a bigger or more important gift. It is always really fun for him and it’s also an excuse to buy him some things he has been in need of. Like for his St. Patrick’s Day gift…

  • Little Felt Pumpkins
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    Little Felt Pumpkins

    Little Felt Pumpkins Super quick, easy, and cheap fall craft here. For this I used the leftover scraps from the stuffed candy corn project. And to make it really easy I just cut out circles and ovals freehand from the orange felt and rectangles and trapezoids from the yellow felt for the stems. To make the stems and eyes stick I used hot glue, craft glue didn’t hold. It took me about 15 minuets total to make them all and only about 60 seconds of Dorian having them before googly eyes were ripped off and flying across the room. He thought that was the activity. 🙄  We used the pumpkins…

  • Pumpkin Painting
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    Pumpkin Painting

    Pumpkin Painting These last few weeks I have been busy making Halloween crafts and Dorian has been right next to me either doing his own crafts or playing with all the materials. I really hope he keeps an interest in these sort of things. It will make for smoother more active days I know that for sure. We have taken a bit of a break from painting lately since he seemed to have lost interest for a while there. When I came across this wood pumpkin though, I knew it would be perfect for him to paint and maybe it would spark his interest again. It started off as a…

  • Cardboard Halloween House
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    Cardboard Halloween House

    Cardboard Halloween House Instructions say 30 mins to complete. It took me 3 days, two trips to the store, and about 590 ‘leave that alone’s. Even more it took me two, no four, days to just write this post. That’s life with a toddler. All that aside, I finally finished my first Halloween house and I’m super excited to share it. To make this house I used a cereal box, acrylic matte paint, and Elmer’s Craftbond Dual Tip Clear Glue Pen. Here are the photos of my process. If you like this design and want to create one of your own you can find the cut file here. Monica is very talented…

  • Easy Candy Corn Plush
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    Easy Candy Corn Plush

    Easy Candy Corn Plush About three or four years ago, when I was first learning to sew, I made a really cute little candy corn plush. I had a lot of good feed back on it so I wanted to try to make another one this year. My sewing machine has been packed away for over 2 years now and I’m not up for pulling it out yet so I needed a different approach. A few weeks back I came across a video of someone mending a hem with hot glue. I have used no-sew ironing strips before but never thought about hot glue. Felt seemed like it could work…

  • Free Halloween Skulls
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    Free Halloween Skulls

    Free! It’s such an amazing word. It is definitely one of my top 5 favorite words, so today I’m giving you something for FREE. October is finally here so we can start the Halloween celebrations now. Yay! Halloween like many holidays isn’t just celebrated on one day, so what better way to celebrate all month than by wearing themed clothing. Below I am giving you two skull prints that can be used as cut files for vinyl, stencils, or to print your own shirt however you like. The skulls are both in .png format so the background is transparent and the color can be changed easily as well. To save just…

  • DIY Candy Corn Shirt
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    DIY Candy Corn Shirt

    Just in time for Halloween the craft for today is a DIY Candy Corn Shirt. Seeing candy corn on the store shelves signifies the start of fall for me. It may be one of my favorite candies even though I haven’t had it in a few years. There was a mishap of eating an entire autumn mix bag in one sitting and not realizing it while being completely enthralled in a TV series that led to a seriously upset stomach. So I’ve unfortunately had to take a break. As a nice substitute this year I’ve decided to make my little guy an adorable candy corn shirt. This shirt is extremely…