• Mylar Balloon Repurpose
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    Mylar Balloon Repurpose

    I don’t care too much for mylar balloons. They are usually ridiculously priced and are so hazardous to the environment, but we all end up with them anyway. There are so many ways to reuse or repurpose them. So before you throw out your kid’s sad deflated balloon, check out this easy repurposing tutorial. Supplies Mylar Balloon Old Canvas Staple Gun & Staples Line up the image on the front by holding the balloon against the canvas. Lay it flat on a table making sure not to move your adjustment. Staple down one side, then the opposite, make sure to stretch the mylar to a snug fit. For the corners, I…

  • The Art of a Macaroni Sandwich
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    The Art of a Macaroni Sandwich

    With so many varieties on the shelves these days, it’s hard to choose just one. You’ve got creamy four cheese, sharp white cheddar, con queso, bacon with american, and then there’s the original. While some of these may be way better than others, that part doesn’t matter for this recipe. Grab whichever box you feel your heart gravitating toward. We’ve all had it hot, we’ve all had it cold, and some of us have even had it from the pot 9 days old. Yikes! How ever you may have had it in the past, I’m here to give you a unique spin on an old-fashioned side dish. So grab your…

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    How to Get Rid of Annoying Sticker Residue

    There is something about stickers that I absolutely loathe… and that something is the atrocious sticky residue that’s left behind when you can’t fully remove the sticker in one piece. Many of you probably feel my pain with this one. My hatred for stickers started when I was a kid and received a hand me down nightstand that was plastered with Cabbage Patch, Garfield, and many other 80’s characters. Even though I may have liked these figures, I wanted a clean and clear surface to store my stuff on. So off I went peeling and scraping, but adhesive has it’s way of becoming permanent and I didn’t get that blank…