• Happy 2nd Birthday
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    Happy 2nd Birthday Dorian

    To my little love Dorian, They say play is the work of kids, for you, working is definitely your way of playing. You love helping with anything me or Daddy are doing. You’ve been helping me with dishes since you were almost 12 months old and you’ve been doing laundry with me since you were just 1 month old. Each time Daddy brings his pedal board out for rearranging, you are right there ready to help. If anything needs moving around, you are the one to call. In the yard, you love to help drag the larger than you palm fronds to the road, and in the house, you always…

  • 23 Months
    Monthly Growth

    23 Months

    23 Months Old Gets his own spoon or fork from the drawer. Cold pizza and hamburgers are his new favorite foods. Loves playing Muffin Man, making muffins with mommy. Says, ‘Okay okay’ instead of yes. Loves doing music lessons with Daddy. Beat Beat Chee-ry Beat. Av-o-ca-do. Asks to do activities now. Doing laundry and dishes are the best times of the day if you ask him. “TV Fall” Walks straight on all the lines he finds. Uses the potty when we take him. Prefers talking to adults at the park.

  • 22 Months
    Monthly Growth

    22 Months

    22 Months Old Ice cream and cookies are all he wants to eat any more. He loves dancing at every opportunity. Pooh’s Heffalump Movie and Roo are his newest favorites. He runs around saying, ‘I capture you’ just like Roo. He intentionally farts when we change his diaper. Then laughs hysterically. Knows to say hello when meeting new people. Says, ‘please’ when asking and ‘thank you’ when getting something. The best thing is that he grabs our hand and leads us to where he wants us.

  • 21MonthDorian
    Monthly Growth

    21 Months

    He is becoming very silly with faces and saying ho ho, ha ha, he he. Favorite song is Remember Me from Coco. Spends most of his days at the park. Loves standing everything up on it’s longest side, blocks, books, his ukulele, the remote, and just about everything else he touches. Builds with anything around him, macaroni cups, spice bottles, rocks, random toys. In his alone time, when he runs to have a minute to himself in his room, he loves looking through his books. Humpty Dumpty and Shapes Song are all he sings.

  • Monthly Growth

    20 Months

    Hold hands to walk Loves greeting daddy home everyday Hides his toys under everything: pillows, giant teddy bear, and even us Enjoys helping with tasks like feeding Apollo, laundry, and carrying things Transfers anything and everything. balls to the wagon. Waters to cabinet then to drawer. Cookie! Always daddy’s little treat  

  • Monthly Growth

    19 Months

    Stick Man is his favorite movie Says Penny for coins Spent this summer with cousin Addy Learning more shapes loves saying oval    Knows circle oval heart diamond Sings along to a lot of twinkle star and the alphabet song  Mumbles full sentences  Brings mommy stuff he finds Loves when daddy throws him around

  • Monthly Growth

    18 Months

    Dorian finally let us put him in the swing for the first time. Izer – lizard hunt all over the back yard Loves drawing on everything with chalk Pa-pa! A new love for it has formed Learned off, on, and stop Learning to use his tablet to choose videos Loves finding bugs everywhere now New favorite movie is Shrek.

  • Monthly Growth

    17 Months

    Dorian knows a lot of movements to the nursery rhymes. He knows every part on head shoulders knees and toes. He also rolls his hands to wheels on the bus.  We have been coloring and practicing using a pen more often lately. He has been coloring Easter theme coloring pages like carrots, bunnies, eggs, and a lamb. Sneezing is hilarious to him whether it’s real or fake. The funniest is when he gathers his toys for whatever song is playing. He runs and grabs all his bunny toys when the sleeping bunny song comes on and his big shark for baby shark song.  He wakes up in small shifts rolling,…

  • Monthly Growth

    16 Months

    This month’s monthly photo was the hardest to take so far. He just did not want to look at the camera every time I brought it out. It took 4 photo sessions to finally get a good photo. At least now I have plenty of extra cute photos. We have been watching Secret Life of Pets for almost a month straight now. Sometimes several times a day. He has been very independent this past month. Trying to put his shirt on and wanting to do things by himself. Sausage is pretty much all that is on the menu.

  • Monthly Growth

    15 Months

    Favorite food is chicken. He calls it bock bock. Dorian is getting used to having a huge yard now. He and Apollo have been running and playing everywhere. Also the play kitchen has been his favorite toy lately. He is so cute pouring, mixing, and pretending to eat all of his creations. Poppy, Kris, Daddy, and Dorian all built Poppy’s observatory. Dorian’s little tool belt and tools got used a lot. His legos have been getting a lot of play as well. This is the structure that he was very proud to build. He was focusing very hard moving different sizes and colors of legos until he finally seen perfection.…