• Selling March
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    Selling March

    So this month has turned out to be a great month for my little reselling venture. It was a huge month for sales, and I didn’t shop, or rather buy, as much as I have the previous months. Let’s not get things wrong, I did a lot of shopping, but instead of just buying because something was cheap, I was slightly more picky about what I bought. I’ve definitely learned a lot over the last few months and I feel like a tremendous amount of that was over this past month, but I’ll get into that a little later. Over all profit was great, product moved pretty good, and I’ve…

  • Selling February
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    Selling February

    So now I’m into the second month of buying and selling and I’ve accumulated more stuff than I had anticipated. I’ve been going out scavenging way more than I had expected to and finding some amazing deals that I just couldn’t pass up. I’ve listed my 5 shopping haul videos plus 2 jewelry hauls at the end of this post. The inventory I have now is much bigger than I had expected it to be at this point in time. But I made more in January than I thought I would so I put that money back into the business. I’ve bought a few things from the online auctions, but…

  • Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul
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    Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul

    Hi everyone! This morning I ran into a very unexpected sale. Daddy had a meeting to go to for about an hour at a Starbucks so I had him drop me and Dorian off at Old Time Pottery. I figured there would be the usual Christmas leftovers, but what I didn’t expect was a long 90% off clearance isle. There was so much stuff just heaped into piles and thrown into baskets that while I was rummaging Dorian helped himself to some fun. He found some colored pencils and a wooden “W” laying within hands reach and started having color fest. He had fun and I got some good deals…