Creating a Family Yearbook to Include Baby’s First Year
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Creating a Family Yearbook to Include Baby’s First Year

While I am working on our family yearbook for 2018 I wanted to share what our 2017 family yearbook looked like. This book could also be considered my son’s baby book. It was the first family photo book that I created and while it did consist of all our family memories throughout the year, it mostly revolved around Dorian and his first year of life. The 2017 book took me a while to make just as this year is taking, but it is so worth the time and effort that I put into it. I started by following these basic photo organizing steps.

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There are so many pre-made themes and layouts available, but I wanted something with much more detail. Also I wanted to include way more photos than the standard themes are set for.

I started with the Hand Painted Baby theme book, but I expanded a lot and tweaked most of the pre-made pages. There are so many sizes to choose from on Mixbook, but 8.5×11″ portrait was the only one I would even consider. In the end, our book has 141 pages with 953 photos total.

One of the main reasons I chose Hand Painted Baby to start with was that I absolutely loved the cover. It’s not overwhelming with too much going on, it’s simple and easy on the eyes.

Now from here the book becomes long and pretty detailed. So I am going to show each of the different sections that I added in the book and some photos for examples. There are so many simple designs out there that you can just auto fill photos in and it would come out looking great. If that’s what you’re into you can find those here.

Before I really dig into this I wanted to say thank you to Who Arted?, a lot of my motivation came from viewing the book she made for her son. I absolutely loved her book layout and was very inspired to make my own after seeing her results.

Monthly Age

After setting up the cover, I decided to organize the book by months. I have a spread for each monthly age which is filled with cute photos of just him during that time.

Months of the Year

Next, I made spreads of each month of the year and filled it with photos of all our moments from that month.


I decided not to stick to a single layout for holidays since I had way more photos for some holidays than others.

In the book pages layout, the monthly age, months of the year, and holiday pages all correspond in time order. Example: First you would see 6 Months, then May 2017, then, Mother’s Day.

Special Interests

These pages are towards the end of the book after all the months and holiday pages. Except for the pregnancy playlist page which is at the beginning.


One of the things I loved most about Who Arted? book was that she did a count down to her son’s birthday. I couldn’t help but to follow suit. It took me a while to come up with the perfect idea, but I thought it would be so cute to have him play with each ingredient to make a cake then end with him eating his smash cake. These are probably some of my favorite pages in the entire book. Plus, Dorian and I had so much fun with these photoshoots the five days leading up to his birthday.

Left Overs

As I mentioned earlier, there was just shy of 1000 photos that I had chosen to go into this book. I played around with different options, but I didn’t want to overload the main pages with too many photos, so I decided to put all the second choices or leftovers in chronological order on the last 4 pages.

This book was created through Mixbook and I will be using them again this year too. Click the link below to receive 50% off your first order! Yes 50%!!!

If you have any questions feel free to leave them below in the comments.

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