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Easter 2018

Lots of Easter Activities

I started the morning off nice and slow with cinnamon rolls that were kind of in the shape of bunny ears (Pinterest fail). We read the two bunny books then played with the finger puppets.
We had an indoor egg hunt, the eggs filled with Cheerios. He made a mess and loved the little treats in each one.
He even dressed up in a bunny costume.
His Easter Basket was adorable. I bought a big dump truck and filled it with lots of things that were not candy. He had a smaller truck, sunglasses, glow sticks, a ring toss game, sticker books, and cookie & pizza shaped pillows.
Then he practiced balancing eggs on paper rolls.
These next activities didn’t happen on Easter but rather the days leading up to.
I cut sticky backed foam into egg shapes and used double sided tape to hold them to the table. Then he had bright colored pom pom balls to decorate them. When he finished, I hung them on the kitchen cabinets.
This one didn’t turn out as planned, but he still had a great time and that’s what its all about. I mixed cornstarch, water, and food coloring for the paint. The problem was that once it dried the colors were not that vibrant and cornstarch pieces flaked off. I cut out egg shapes and hung them up anyway though.

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