Easy Candy Corn Plush
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Easy Candy Corn Plush

Easy Candy Corn Plush

About three or four years ago, when I was first learning to sew, I made a really cute little candy corn plush. I had a lot of good feed back on it so I wanted to try to make another one this year. My sewing machine has been packed away for over 2 years now and I’m not up for pulling it out yet so I needed a different approach. A few weeks back I came across a video of someone mending a hem with hot glue. I have used no-sew ironing strips before but never thought about hot glue. Felt seemed like it could work so I gave it a try. It turned out pretty well, not perfect but completely acceptable for a quick simple craft. Plus it only cost me .69¢ being that I had the glue gun and stuffing already, which most crafters do.


White, Yellow, Orange acrylic felt – 23¢ each
Hot Glue Gun and Glue Stick

How To Make It

Line It Up

First thing I did was line up the felt with white on top, yellow in the middle, and orange on the bottom. You can see in the photos that I overlapped each color to have room for the glue seem.

Trace It

You can print out the outline and trace, freehand it, or just find something in your house to use as I did. Dorian’s foam letter A worked perfect.
Easy Candy Corn Plush

Cut It Out

If you prefer, use pins to keep it in place, or just carefully cut it out while keeping it together, pins are too much trouble if you ask me.
Easy Candy Corn Plush

Glue It Together

Start at the top glueing the white together then the white to the yellow. Make sure you move fast so the glue doesn’t dry. Also don’t add too much glue and be careful when pushing the sides together; the glue will come through and burn the shit out of your fingers. Ouch! After the white and yellow are connected, attach the orange to the yellow moving down both sides. Leave a gap on the very bottom.
Easy Candy Corn Plush

Turn It Inside Out

Start by bringing the top through the bottom then pushing the bottom corners through until its right-side out.
Easy Candy Corn Plush

Stuff It

Fill the top fully then move downward to the bottom making sure to pack the corners.

Close It

Once you have it filled to your liking, push the stuffing back and fold in the bottom edge. Glue this strip closed and fluff.
Easy Candy Corn Plush

Use It

Now display it with your other Halloween decor, give it to your dog, or let your kid play with it.
Easy Candy Corn Plush


Here is the one I made years back with my sewing machine.

Previous Candy Corn Plush

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