Happy 2nd Birthday
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Happy 2nd Birthday Dorian

To my little love Dorian,

They say play is the work of kids, for you, working is definitely your way of playing. You love helping with anything me or Daddy are doing. You’ve been helping me with dishes since you were almost 12 months old and you’ve been doing laundry with me since you were just 1 month old. Each time Daddy brings his pedal board out for rearranging, you are right there ready to help. If anything needs moving around, you are the one to call. In the yard, you love to help drag the larger than you palm fronds to the road, and in the house, you always help by pushing the big diaper and wipe boxes where they need to go. When we come home with groceries you take pride in carrying bags in with us.

Your 2nd year of life has been full of exploration. You have been so eager to know more about everything around you and I’ve made sure you were able to explore it. If you wanted to climb I let you climb, even when everyone else was nervous, because I knew you needed to. If you wanted to taste dirt I let you, because I knew you just had to know. When you felt the need to open and get into every drawer and cabinet in the house, I let you, because I knew you wanted to learn a little more about this world that you are in. Your curiosity for everything is typical for a young child I know, but I hope it is something that stays with you for the rest of your life, because seeing your eyes submerge into something new and interesting makes my whole life worth it.

Time and time again you have continued to surprise me all year long with how intelligent you are. The way you catch on to things so quickly is truly amazing. I only have you show you something once and you’ve got it. You really enjoy learning new skills, even though you are still getting the hang of patience and trying again when it doesn’t work out the first time. You have a knack for building/stacking things. I think you have, at some point or another, stacked every possible object in the house, from spice bottles, to toilet paper rolls, to books turned up long ways. If it’s able to be stacked then you’ve built with it.

At about 18 months you became a complete and total parrot, repeating everything you heard. Your vocabulary is far past what is typical at this age. I will never ever forget when you said your first word, ‘elephant’ perfectly. Daddy and I were both shocked and didn’t even respond for almost a minute letting it sink in what had just happened. From there you kept going, learning everyone in the family’s names, food names, animal sounds, household objects, outdoor things, and anything else that we named off. Now you are saying sentences with 4 words, and asking questions and responding to almost every question we ask you. It has been so adorable to hear your little voice learn words then repeat them back to me. I won’t lie, you repeat more of what I say than anyone else, and my bad language has come though you a time or two. Oops.

Your preference to be outdoors has driven both me and Daddy mad at points, but it’s one of the main parts of who you are. You would spend all day outside if you could, I’ve said it a hundred times. At around 15 months you started doing something that I thought was so great that I started documenting it. While outside you would bring me anything that you thought was neat, interesting, or that you wanted to know more about. You are not afraid of bugs or dirt, or the squirrels that come right up to you at the park and take food from your hands. Sticks… You have quite the obsession with them. Heck, 7 out of the last 12 of your monthly photos show you with one in your hands. Whether it’s a fishing pole or an ‘en garde’ or you are just collecting, if you are outside there is a great chance you have a stick in your grasp.

As of right now, coming up to 24 months you are impatient, very decisive, independent, and completely curious about everything. Oh and you absolutely hate sleeping more than anything else on this planet.

I never thought I would love you this much. When I was pregnant I already loved you and I knew that love would grow, but I never could have imagined how big that love could become. I love you baby boy and I’m so happy that I get to spend my life being your mom.

Happy Birthday buddy

Super Sweet Memory: When you were just 13 months old, coming up to Christmas, you would wake up first thing saying ‘present’, climb off the bed, and crawl as fast as you could to the Christmas tree for your advent gift.

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