Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul
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Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul

Hi everyone! This morning I ran into a very unexpected sale. Daddy had a meeting to go to for about an hour at a Starbucks so I had him drop me and Dorian off at Old Time Pottery. I figured there would be the usual Christmas leftovers, but what I didn’t expect was a long 90% off clearance isle. There was so much stuff just heaped into piles and thrown into baskets that while I was rummaging Dorian helped himself to some fun. He found some colored pencils and a wooden “W” laying within hands reach and started having color fest. He had fun and I got some good deals what more can I ask for.

Now that I’m home I’m beating myself up for not buying more and buying multiples. But I’m satisfied with what I did walked away with. All together I spent $5.17 after tax. I ended up buying 2 storage boxes 7×10″ for $1 each. There were hundreds of boxes, but I chose these because the bottoms where not Christmas-y and I can easily change the tops. I bought three books, .15¢ each, one is a giant Pinocchio coloring book, the second is Disney 101 Dalmatians coloring book, and also a pirate spiral notebook. Then there is a bag of bells which was .30¢ and a pair of kid’s plastic safety scissors for just .11¢. The last things I got were for future crafting projects. They are around 4×11” wood plaques with some manly saying on the front for .50¢ each. I ended up buying four, but I think I may go back and buy more tomorrow.

Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul
Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul

I have several ideas for these plaques. They look as though it would be no problem to paint them. I’ll update if these don’t become another project on the to-do list.

As we were driving away I’m rambling on about how great of a deal I got then realized that I left my phone in the buggy. Panic set in for both me and Daddy immediately. After screaming at each red light and all the other cars on the road while turning around, we finally made it back just in time. Some lady had it in her cart as she was finishing checking out claiming she was “about to turn it in”. Maybe she was idk, but I’m just glad I have it back.

Have you guys came across any great deals lately?

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