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Our 13th Anniversary

Recently I read this interesting post. As I read it got me thinking… what did I want when I was 11? It didn’t take me long, just seconds, to know the answer. I wanted someone who I could give every part of myself to, who would except me for exactly who I am, who would be by my side through all of life’s good and bad. I wanted a best friend, a lover, and a partner in crime. And I wanted to be all of those things back to that person. I wanted someone who would push me to do things and someone who I could convince to do crazy things with me. And even if we failed and fucked up royally that we could laugh about at the end of the day.

Yes, at age eleven I didn’t know the extent of what a lover was or what all being in-love meant. But, I knew I wanted someone that would kiss me the way Romeo kissed Juliet (1996). I wanted someone to be goofy with like Harry and Lloyd, and someone who could bring me back to reality like Josh did for Cher. I wanted someone who could make the whole world disappear and make it seem that nothing else mattered when they were together the way Jack did for Rose. I wanted someone to love me the way Elliot loved ET.

I’m very lucky to have found that someone.

(This was taken December 2005, together just over a month.)

Just as I’m writing this that someone walked through the door holding our son with a handful of beautiful purple flowers. He’s an amazing dad and husband. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

Sometimes, life keeps on driving that truck and you forget the simple things. Blind ignorance or willful blindness can be crushing. Not taking the time to actually see what’s in front of you is debilitating and will eventually destroy you. I’ve been there. It’s important to open your eyes, and enjoy the minute that’s currently in front of you.

“And all I ever wanted was someone to love me back to the bliss of ignorance.” Senses Fail

We are so lucky that we found each other while we were so young. The days, months, and years spent together are something that I wouldn’t change for anything. Our life has been a crazy mixup of all the absolute best and worst times. We have seen each other in every light possible. We’ve been together through life’s hardest struggles, we’ve celebrated life’s best offerings together, and here we are still standing next to each other laughing about it all.


Happy 13th anniversary, baben.


Six years ago when I stood at the altar looking at a man that was once just a crazy boy sleeping in the back row of computer class, I started crying as I professed to him and all of our friends and family that he was all I ever wanted.

Happy 6th wedding anniversary.

My best friend, I love you.

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