Our Christmas Advent
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Our Christmas Advent

Our Christmas advent is something I started last year when Dorian had just turned 1 and we are continuing it this year. I see this being a great family tradition for many years to come. The idea doesn’t require a lot of preparation and it’s easy to keep up with even when things get busier towards the end of the month. One of the great things about this advent it that is can be done by any age, seriously from 1 to 100. Also my other favorite part about this is that it doesn’t cost a lot. My total was only $3 for the entire thing, being that I already had clothes pins on hand and bought the supplies from the Dollar Tree. All you need is a Christmas themed coloring book, crayons, string/twine, and clothes pins. To mix things up a bit I also have him do stickers some days so he doesn’t get burned out on just coloring everyday. We started last year on December 1st, but this year I lost track of the days so we didn’t get started until the 2nd. Usually I hang them in different places throughout the house so they double as holiday decorations as well as a means to show off little guys hard work.

Our Christmas AdventOur Christmas Advent Our Christmas Advent Our Christmas Advent

*Tip for younger aged kids. Since Dorian is only 2 and becomes overwhelmed with too many color choices, I let him pick out three colors for each sheet. Also I sit with him to keep his focus on the activity and it gives us a few extra one on one minutes each day.


Whether your family is big or small this is a great way to keep the holiday spirit alive all through the month while giving everyone some time to come together and connect over a peaceful activity.

Our Christmas Advent



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