• Valentine's Day Gifts for Toddlers
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    Valentine’s Day Gifts for Toddlers

    Like most gifts that I get for my son they slowly get accumulated over time and put together for the holiday. Paw Patrol Finger Puppets Crayola Crayons 120 ct. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Electronic Me Reader Story Reader and 8-book Boxed Set Pinkfong Baby Shark Sound Book PJ Masks Color & Sticker Gift Set Crayola Train…

  • Creating a Family Yearbook to Include Baby’s First Year
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    Creating a Family Yearbook to Include Baby’s First Year

    While I am working on our family yearbook for 2018 I wanted to share what our 2017 family yearbook looked like. This book could also be considered my son’s baby book. It was the first family photo book that I created and while it did consist of all our family memories throughout the year, it mostly revolved around Dorian and his first year of life. The 2017 book took me a while to make just as this year is taking, but it is so worth the time and effort that I put into it. I started by following these basic photo organizing steps. Disclosure: Meeko Prints will earn a commission,…

  • Tips for Painting with a Toddler
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    Tips for Painting with a Toddler

    Painting is one of my favorite activities to do with Dorian. I’ve heard that many parents tend to shy away from painting due to time issues and the mess. Here are a few tips to ease your worries and get you making timeless memories with your little one. Expect a Mess I know this is much easier said than done, but if you already have it in your head that there will be a giant mess then it won’t feel so dreadful afterwards. This is always my first step to painting with Dorian. I make sure we have enough time to paint, have lots of fun, and clean up after.…

  • 2018 Profit Meeko Prints
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    2018 Profit Meeko Prints

    Every few years I get into a seller mode. I get completely motivated to buy, sell, and make. Well, the last two years this has not been the case. Since Dorian has been born I’ve spent almost all of my time with him. In 2017, Dorian’s first year, I didn’t make practically any sales and had zero care for anything pertaining to business. This past year, 2018, I would say I dabbled back and forth, into and out of, my little business world. To put it short, it wasn’t my priority, but I spent some hours working on things. Through the year I hadn’t kept up with listings, makings, and…

  • Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul
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    Old Time Pottery Clearance Haul

    Hi everyone! This morning I ran into a very unexpected sale. Daddy had a meeting to go to for about an hour at a Starbucks so I had him drop me and Dorian off at Old Time Pottery. I figured there would be the usual Christmas leftovers, but what I didn’t expect was a long 90% off clearance isle. There was so much stuff just heaped into piles and thrown into baskets that while I was rummaging Dorian helped himself to some fun. He found some colored pencils and a wooden “W” laying within hands reach and started having color fest. He had fun and I got some good deals…

  • Organizing Photos for My Family Yearbook
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    Organizing Photos for My Family Yearbook

    I have been very eagerly working on our family yearbook for 2018 lately. The plan is to have it completed as quickly as possible now that we are into the new year. It looks like I will be a little later than expected, but I’m also planning to post my process to you guys as I go along as well. My photos are already all organized and prioritized by favorites. My next step is to start placing photos and setting my book up. But, before I go any further I wanted to share how I organize my photos and get set up to start working on my family yearbook. Below…

  • Family Life

    2019 Goals

    2019 Goals OMG 2018 was by far the hardest year for our family. We made it though some of life’s toughest trials and had a hard look at what life is really all about. As most people will say after experiencing hard times, we’ve learned and grown and will have stronger shoulders going forward. We see a lot of new changes and better days in the future though. This is a few things I am looking forward to in the coming year. This is not meant to be a new years resolution post, rather just some things I would like to see happen through the next 12 months. Family Photo…

  • Happy 2nd Birthday
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    Happy 2nd Birthday Dorian

    To my little love Dorian, They say play is the work of kids, for you, working is definitely your way of playing. You love helping with anything me or Daddy are doing. You’ve been helping me with dishes since you were almost 12 months old and you’ve been doing laundry with me since you were just 1 month old. Each time Daddy brings his pedal board out for rearranging, you are right there ready to help. If anything needs moving around, you are the one to call. In the yard, you love to help drag the larger than you palm fronds to the road, and in the house, you always…

  • Toddler Christmas Tree Craft
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    Toddler Christmas Tree Craft

    Creating Christmas decorations with my son has become one of my favorite parts of the holiday season. We’ve colored, painted, stickered, stamped, and glued almost every kind of craft material possible this year. I have tried to come up with as many hands on activities as possible for him over the last two months. His attention span is growing and when he finds an activity he likes he becomes completely consumed by it. While other times, some activities are just not his thing or he has grown board with the routine of that particular challenge. This activity was one that he didn’t find too much interest in, maybe he was…

  • 8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts
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    8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts

    8 Non-toy Christmas Gifts In my post about Dorian’s birthday I talked about how I plan gifts for him for both his birthday and Christmas since the two are so close. Well, things didn’t go as planned this year and all of the gifts were given to him for his birthday. Nothing was saved for Christmas. Eager and impatient Daddy is to blame. I can’t fully blame him though, Dorian’s little face just lit up each time he received a gift. It was such a beautiful thing to see. But now we are faced with a different problem. Dorian has way too many toys and really doesn’t need any other…