Reseller Supplies That I Couldn't Live Without
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Reseller Supplies That I Couldn’t Live Without

So you want to start reselling, but you don’t know what you need. Or maybe, you’ve started selling and realized you are missing some much needed supplies. Whether you sell on Poshmark, eBay, Amazon, Etsy, Mercari, or some other online store, below are some of the top supplies that I recommend any reseller to have.

Main Tools for the Trade

These two are my most used tools for reselling, besides my phone of course. The label printer is a good chunk of money, but it is totally worth every penny. And having a digital scale that you can rely on is absolutely necessary to have.

Shipping Supplies

Shipping bags and boxes are another part that you really can’t do your job without. These are the two sizes that I use the most, 6×9″ and 10×13″, but poly mailers come in so many different sizes depending on what types of items you ship out most. Also, some people buy boxes for shipping out products, but I personally prefer to recycle boxes that I have on hand. I am a shopper as well so I have lots of boxes lying around in many different sizes. Very rarely I will have to go buy a box for specific dimensions when I don’t already have one. If you ship using USPS priority mail the post office carries boxes for you to use for free and you can pick up as many as you need.

Cleaning Supplies

Most items I pick up, whether it’s from thrift stores, flea markets, or the clearance section of department stores, will need some type of cleaning even if it’s total minor. These items are some of my favorites. Almost everything could use a good lint rolling before selling, clothing and plush especially. I also keep my good scissor and some tweezers on hand to catch any snags or hanging strings before they get too loose. If you’ve been reselling for a while you have more than likely brought something home only to realize there is a stain or some other funky spot on it. Again I keep Shout and Mr. Clean on hand for just such the occasion.

Photography Supplies

Since I am a stay at home mom my days are filled with toddler crafts, outdoor activities, and plenty of toy time and book reading, so with that I am usually doing my work at night which means no natural light. Instead of buying a huge bulky photography set (which I don’t have room for) I simply use a clip on selfie light and a white background. Lots of people choose to have some type of design in the background of their items; I personally prefer to keep it white and show as much detail as possible.

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