Selling February
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Selling February

So now I’m into the second month of buying and selling and I’ve accumulated more stuff than I had anticipated. I’ve been going out scavenging way more than I had expected to and finding some amazing deals that I just couldn’t pass up. I’ve listed my 5 shopping haul videos plus 2 jewelry hauls at the end of this post. The inventory I have now is much bigger than I had expected it to be at this point in time. But I made more in January than I thought I would so I put that money back into the business.

I’ve bought a few things from the online auctions, but mostly I’ve just hit all the thrift stores locally. One of my bigger issues with the shopping part is resisting buying for myself. One of the better deals I came across was that I bought 40 kids books, all in great condition, for $10, making them .25¢ each. I’m keeping about 12 and selling the rest. My other buy that I’m having a hard time parting ways with is an authentic rabbit fur coat. I’ve wanted a real fur coat for the better part of my life, but I was never willing to pay the ‘real’ prices. The obvious reason I need to move on and sell is that I live in the south part of Florida and will never use it. I did wear it around the house for a spin though and boy is it nice. As much as I hate to, I will be posting it for sale as soon as I can take some nice pictures of it.

Also there were some other things I found this month that I was really excited for when I bought them, but have turned out to not be as fast of sellers as I had hoped. I bought some new in the box toy collectors items and a few women’s brand name bags that had sold recently for good prices, but I’m still holding on to most of them. I’m sure they will sell, I guess I was just expecting quick flips.


At the beginning of the month I didn’t set any goals for myself, instead I just wanted to freely go with it and see how things would naturally progress. One big accomplishment that I did have though was that I had a little sales streak going and made a sale everyday for 11 days in a row. It was really fun while it lasted and I was pretty bummed when it ended, but now I have a new goal to beat for the coming months.


Ending the month of February I had a total of 20 sales, which came to $306 in sales, and $167 profit from those sales. Making my profit 54.6% of my sales. That’s a number I can live with. Below is the breakdown of items.

February Sales

And that’s pretty much where I currently am at the end of the second month with my new reselling venture. I’ve accumulated lots of new inventory, most items have been listed already, and I’m steadily moving forward.

My Latest Thrift Haul Videos

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