Setting Goals: Follow Up
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Setting Goals: Follow Up

It’s been two weeks since setting the three goals that I wanted to work on for different parts on my life. Over all I think it has been good even if I haven’t had the best outcome for all of them. I feel like I was at least conscious of these things which helped me grow and helped shed light on these subjects. The first thing I’ve realized from this is that making more broad goals of things to work on instead of exact things to get done works much better for me. Several times over this last two weeks I found myself just thinking more in-depth about these topics and how they affect my daily life. On top of that, I found that I actually liked having something set for me to work on. It helped at the times when my mind started to wonder. It was easy to just redirect back to one of these topics and focus my mind on that instead. All in all, I would say this was a very successful experiment and I will definitely be continuing.

Peacefulness In Our Lives

There are not many positive words for me to say about this goal. It was not successful and I would probably even say it was worse. I feel like Daddy is always grumpy, Daddy feels like I’m always in a bad mood, (neither of these are actually always happening, we’re both just exhausted) and well Dorian, he is either screaming or being a Tasmanian Devil tearing up anything and everything in his path. Things are just hectic here and all I can think now is that maybe Daddy is right, toddlers bring chaos. Time will tell I guess. I read in an article once that the mom sets the tone for everyone in the house. When I read that about 8 months ago I tried something. I woke up in a great mood, intentionally, then woke Dorian up cheerfully, and woke Daddy up the way I know he needs to be woken up, calmly with plenty of silence for the first 30 minutes. This worked out very well. I remember the day flowing very smoothly and no one having any outbursts. I thought, ‘hey this could work, I could get used to days like this.’ But then the real world happened the following days, I was tired and needed some time to myself, Daddy was exhausted from work, and Dorian was still a never-ending ball of energy. As much as I wanted I just couldn’t scrape up the energy to do that exact ritual the following mornings. This goal is just something that will have to be on the long-term list I guess. Something that I work at little by little.

Write 1 Article a Week

I managed to accomplish this one with little time to spare. What I wrote hasn’t been published yet because it’s actually something for a later time, but I did complete this goal. It didn’t happen as quick as I wanted but I think that was because I was putting pressure on myself to write something good, long, and meaningful without any time during the day to think. The biggest thing I’ve realized about this topic is that I definitely become inspired when I’m outside and I write my best when I’m not attached to my phone or laptop. The post that I wrote actually happened when I was hanging in the back yard with Dorian. He was playing around and I became quickly inspired to write, but I didn’t have my phone and I couldn’t go inside and get it. So I was left to look on the porch and find something to write with and on. I ended up finding a crayon and the manual for a grill. I did accomplish what I was aiming for which was to get my thoughts out on paper, but there are two issues with this. For one, I have horrible handwriting, seriously bad, so it’s always hard for me to even read my own writing, and two, it was written in crayon so I’m sure you can understand the rest. For this goal I will say I succeeded because I did complete what I was looking for and learned about myself in the process.

Let Dorian Walk in Public More

This is the one goal that I absolutely exceeded all of my expectations for. The first trip to the store was okay with just one running away incident and ended with the clerk laughing hysterically at the whole event. The next trips were better and the next even better. By the end of this week, I was actually able to go to the farmers market with Dorian walking the entire time, with no issues. I’m not sure of the exact phrase, but it’s along the lines of, ‘a watered plant grows twice as fast’ was very true in the case. I’m so glad that this is something I chose to work on because the reward for two weeks of paying attention to one particular matter paid off big time. I know this isn’t going to be an easy thing every time we go out, but I know at least that it is possible and if I’m putting my best foot forward Dorian can, literally, follow my footsteps.



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