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Setting Goals

Setting Goals

It’s always seemed like some people were born to set goals then accomplish then. I commend those people. Having and completing goals of any kind, big or small, is something I have always admired in people, but never quite been able to follow suit. At any point of my life that I have set goals for myself, which was usually as part of some school assignment, I never stuck to it. Each time I wrote things down that I wanted to accomplish, I suddenly felt constrained and weighed down by the pressure of having to do this or that. I’m generally a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kind of person, which has always worked for me, but I’m older now and want to give this goal making thing another shot.

Peacefulness In Our Lives

While rummaging though Homesong a few weeks back, I felt this calm come over me. The serene photos that she attaches to her soothing words creates a completely tranquil feel about her digital space. I really liked this feeling. It got me to thinking about our home. I wouldn’t say our house is hectic, but I don’t feel a peaceful calm too often. Daddy disagrees and says I only feel this way because we have a toddler who wreaks havoc on every part of our lives, but I think it’s something more. While I was laying with Dorian for his nap last week I started thinking about my Aunt Debbie’s house and how every time I visited, there seemed to be this particular calm in the air. As I walked through her door it was as if I was taking a very heavy coat off of my shoulders and hanging outside the door on a rack. It’s kinda hard for me to describe it any differently. Things never felt rushed and the time of day never seemed to matter. I remember she always had her front and back doors wide open with the screen doors shut. The window above her sink never closed and the breeze streamed perfectly through the whole house. It was never too hot, almost like her house was intentionally set in that direction for the ideal wind flow. Whether she was bringing out boxes of things to go through or working out in her garden, the time never had any weight on the matter. That feeling I had when I was at her house is something I want in my home. I want Dorian, Daddy, and myself to start feeling more calm and peace in our lives. I’m still in the process of pin pointing exactly what it is that makes me feel on the very tip of ‘go’ all the time, but like anything it’s a work in progress and my next step is to find what it is and fix it.

Write 1 Article a Week

As of now I am writing one good article about every 2 weeks. This is a huge improvement and I’m happy with how my progress is coming along, but I know I can do better. The biggest issues that stop me from being more productive in this area are time, silence, and inspiration. These three things need to align for me to be able to write anything that is close to acceptable. Time is always a struggle for us. Daddy and I both feel like we never have enough time to do what we need to be doing. I’m currently brainstorming ideas for solving this for both of us. Silence is the second most important part to me being able to write effectively. I can not write when there is noise around. Some music is okay sometimes, but mostly I need total silence. There have been times where I shut myself in the garage with earplugs in so that I could write and not hear the commotion of life going on in the house. This actually worked very well. The biggest determining factor in my writing is inspiration. Most people would agree that without some sort of inspiration it is almost impossible to just sit and start writing. It’s most unfortunate that I must have all three of these in order to make a sufficient piece. During Dorian’s naps I finally have time and silence, but once the day has reached this part and I’ve laid with him for 15 minutes or more, I’m exhausted and there is no inspiration to go on. Then, while we go on our walks, I feel uncontrollably inspired. Ideas start flowing through my mind like crazy, but now I don’t have time to write any of it down because I’m pushing his dino cozy coupe and walking on the road – bad combo. So this is my dilemma to fix in the coming weeks. I am not exactly sure how I will overcome this, but I have a few ideas that I will be trying.

Let Dorian Walk in Public More

This will be a hard one for me. He is still very curious about everything and I really love that about him, but it also means that he wants to go explore instead of following us. That being said, I know that it takes practice and the more he is out walking and learning to stay with the pack the better he will become. At first I thought it would be the best idea to just keep him in the buggy (cart) every time we go shopping and then let him free to walk once he is older and understands more of why it’s important to stick close. The problem with that is we see kids his age and even younger walking freely with their parents in all the shops. First I have to say I am not generally one to do what everyone else is doing just because. But I don’t want him to see that and think that we don’t trust him. He’s probably way too young to think that far into it, but that’s just my thoughts about it. Today was the first time that I’ve had him walk to the car next to me and it only happened because I had my hands full and couldn’t carry him. He actually did very good and it made me start to think he should be allowed to walk more often out in public. Wish me luck and any tips are much appreciated.

Now that I am in the writing zone, I keep thinking of more and more things that I would love to add to this list, but for the sake of actually trying to stick to it I will end with that for now. Three is a great number, my favorite number actually, easy to remember, not too much to focus on, and nothing completely overwhelming. So now we will see how these simple goals pan out over the next few weeks. And because I always love a bonus.

Bonus Goal: Write a follow-up to these goals by Oct 24, two weeks from now.


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      That’s a great idea. I just have to get over the awkwardness of talking to myself on the street. Once I start I’m sure I will get the hang of it.

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