Snowman Door
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How To Make A Snowman Door

Grab your scissors, construction paper, pen, and double sided tape we are going to make a snowman! This snowman door project only took me about 30 minutes total and that includes the time it took me to find all of the necessary tools. It was completed while Dorian was napping and I still had time left over to relax before he woke up.

Snowman Door

This project was fun and extremely easy to make. To make sure the circles and lines were even I traced different objects from around the kitchen. I used a coffee can for the eyes, a small cups for the mouth pieces, and an envelope for the straight edges of everything else. For the scarf, I folded 2 pieces of red construction paper long ways and used three of the parts for the length and used the fourth for the scarf’s end.

Hope you enjoy and share your snowmen below!

Snowman Door

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