Watercolor Painting
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Watercolor Painting

Lately, Dorian has not been into any activities that I’ve put in front of him. All the activities he used to do seem to bore him now and anything new he shows zero interest in. Since he’s turned 2 he’s all about being physically active, not sitting to do anything. Even meal time is on the go for him most days. If you have a toddler you know what I mean. He will take a bite then try to run off and play more. Even though I love that he’s all play and very active, sometimes there has to be a more calm activity going on. Now that I’m further into this pregnancy, I’m starting to slow down myself and need time where I’m not constantly running around with him.

In the past couple of weeks, he has seen his grandmother painting and has asked to paint too. I instantly thought, “yes, maybe he will sit and paint for a few minutes straight.” I think last time we painted was in November for his Pumpkin Painting. Usually, we use the finger paint and I let him make a huge mess with it all, but again I’m exhausted and wanted less of a mess this time so I thought I would change up the paint type and go with watercolor. He loved having something different, learning a new skill of dipping the brush in the water when changing colors, plus there was practically no mess. A basic table wipe down and hand-washing was all the cleanup needed since he ended up turning it into watercolor finger paint, of course.

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