What We’re Looking Forward to in November
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What We’re Looking Forward to in November

The season is changing and we have a lot coming up in our house. November is a huge month for us. Both our wedding and years together anniversary happen this month, Dorian’s birthday takes place mid-month, and we will finally start to see cooler temperatures. We live deep south in Florida and it’s hot almost all year round, so I say cooler not yet cold. We had a great October and Halloween turned out to be very fun, so I’m excited to get started with November. Here’s what we are looking forward to the most.

Thanksgiving Crafts

As you know, I love doing activities and Dorian loves them even more than me. You can see my Pinterest board here. I have tons of activities and crafts that I am planning for Dorian.


Cozy Fresh Baked Goodies

Snacks is a regularly used word in our home, but we tend to bake more in the fall. We’re not fancy people and our treats don’t have to be fancy either. Sometimes, I will venture out and make a good looking recipe, but usually just a big bowl of Nestle Toll House cookie dough does the trick for us. I will definitely be baking some banana bread though, it’s Dorian’s favorite.


Dorian’s Birthday Event

It’s approaching very quickly and we are ready, for the event at least. I’m still not sure how I feel about him turning 2, it’s all happening so quick like everyone says it would.


Working on Our Yearly Photo Book

I’ve started the first part of this process and will continue working on it through the end of the year. It’s something I started last year and fell in love with the outcome. I still cry looking at his first year book. I will be posting my process here if anyone wants to follow along and see how it’s done.


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